Kayak Rentals Pawleys Island SC


Crab Trap Rental*

Our crab trap rentals are (Traditional) large 2' x 2' crab traps. They come with a rope, float, and "iron". The iron is the square metal weight around the bottom, which keeps it in place. 

Crab Trap Purchases can be made and include delivery. Price vary depending upon size, rope, weight, float, etc. Call for information.

Crab Line Kit Rental*

Our crab line kit rentals contain six weighted crab lines with handles, a long handled dip net, and a five gallon bucket. These rentals typically accompany Kayak, Paddle board, or Canoe rentals, but can frequently be made if other deliveries are nearby.

*Please Abide by Crabbing Rules and Regulations

Although crabbing with traps and lines is a fun and leisurely tradition here at Pawleys, you must follow the rules and regulations. You are strongly encouraged to familiarize yourself with all rules and regulations regarding this activity. Persons 16 years and older are required to have a license to use a crab trap or more than 3 hand lines. 

"Keepers" are crabs measuring 5 inches from point to point. Female crabs with an egg mass must be thrown back, regardless of size. Our family tradition is that we usually throw back all females and encourage visitors to do the same. The underside of a female crab has a visible upside down V or U shape. A male crab has a distinctly different slender pointed design underneath. With experience you may also notice that many male crabs have more vibrant blue on their claws and the females frequently show more orange color.

If you are obtaining a trap or lines for persons 16 and over who will meet the requirements of needing a license, we can refer you to a reputable local supplier where the cost is minimal.

Failure to follow the rules and regulations can result in the SC Department of Natural Resources taking legal action, resulting in criminal penalties and seizure of equipment.

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